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Hooligan Soul is an underground pirate radio fuelled electro/rave/dubstep/mashup band artist formed in the UK. It consists of Birmingham based DJ and electronic dance music producer Jeremy Sylvester and features various singers and rappers from Urban Dubz Music productions and elsewhere.

The band was formed from an initial idea of fusing electro, rave, dancehall, uk garage, punk, ska, 2tone, dubstep and house music together which was the basis of an earlier band called Housebreakerz signed to Basement Jaxx's own record label Atlantic Jaxx in 2005. The band had four single releases, including an England football song entitled 'Last Stand (for England)' during the World Cup in 2006. The name 'Hooligan Soul' came about when a member of the audience shouted 'You guys are proper Hooligan Soul', during a performance by ' Housebreakerz' who were supporting Basement Jaxx at the KoKo club in London.

Hooligan Soul's debut single 'Shout Loud' featuring Brixton South London female mc/rapper Melanie Jane (Hustler Spirit) is due for release in mid 2012 with a debut album to follow shortly after. The album will feature fresh, new up & coming talented singers, mc's and rappers from around the UK. The debut Hooligan Soul album mix n blends house music with generous portions of rave, electro, dubstep, dancehall, uk garage, punk, ska, 2tone, jazz, hip hop and pop mashup in a totally crazy genre soundclash that shouldn't really work, but for some reason 'works a treat'. An extremely fun and unpredictable ride, 'Blah Blah Blah' is the sound of uk urban underground pirate radio with global mass appeal, a very creative album concept of manic mayhem, soulfulness and innovation guaranteed to rock your car speakers, ipods, and the heaviest of club sound systems all year long.

Hooligan Soul/Urban Dubz Music club nights, live pa's, remixes and DJ sets are being planned later on in the year to support the album launch on Urban Dubz Music label.

As the song title of their debut single suggests, Hooligan Soul will be 'Shouting very loudly' from the roof tops of the highest tower blocks and buildings' this year, to spread the word of the new band intent on world domination. Hooligan Soul will bring the party vibes, fun, giggles and frolics onto dance floors and ipods across the UK and beyond.
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