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Fraser Cain

Welcome to Universe Today

15,967 views 8 months ago
Welcome to the Universe Today YouTube channel.

Learn about space and astronomy from our various videos.

Explainers: Short videos from Fraser Cain investigating various concepts in space and astronomy.

Astronomy Cast - A weekly fact-based journey through the cosmos with Universe Today publisher Fraser Cain and Dr. Pamela Gay, a professor at the University of Southern Illinois, Edwardsville.

Weekly Space Hangout - A weekly roundup of the big space and astronomy news stories of the week with a team of space and astronomy journalists. Hosted by Fraser Cain.

Virtual Star Party - Join Fraser Cain, Scott Lewis and a team of astronomers for a live view of the night sky. We'll broadcast whatever's up in the sky with whatever telescopes aren't rained out. See the Sun, Moon, planets and deep sky objects, live on your screen. Show less
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Guide to Space Play

These are short videos from Universe Today publisher Fraser Cain, explaining a basic concept in space and astronomy. Although they might have basic information, even experienced space fans will learn some surprising details.
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