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The UND AeroCast

Aviation Safety: A Layered Approach

12,049 views 9 months ago
The massive, complex flight training operation conducted daily at UND Aerospace exists only because of many people working towards the common goal of achieving the highest standard of aviation safety. At UND, we understand that human flight, inherently, is a very dangerous undertaking - the mere notion is a bit absurd. But through decades of experience, we also know how to make it safe. This movie outlines the layered process of making every flight safe at UND Aerospace. Show less
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All About UND Aerospace Play

Whether you're interested in gaining your pilot certificates, along with a four year liberal arts degree at UND Aerospace, or you just want to see some really cool aviation footage, check out the videos on this playlist!

VFR Maneuvers Play

Here is a compilation of all videos that focus on VFR maneuvers that are crucial to learn during pilot training, such as Steep Turns and Stalls.

IFR Maneuvers Play

Flying in the clouds anytime soon? These videos will give you a great refresher about general IFR flying and about the exciting stuff, like shooting ILS approaches.

Multi Engine Flying Play

Are two engines better than one? Depends on who you ask, but one thing's for sure, having multiple engines spinning outside the window means the flying becomes a lot more complex. Check out these videos focused on multi engine flying.

Emergency, Abnormal, Safety Play

Flights don't always go as planned. A great pilot can anticipate and mitigate a myriad of risks that can be encountered during flight. These videos represent just another facet of UND Aerospace's strong safety culture.
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