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Ulillillia's Gameplay & Wonders

Final Fantasy 7 leveling grounds, stat-maxing, and others Play

I found Final Fantasy 7 extremely easy and almost unchallenging... until it came to Ruby Weapon. I'm also very knowledgeable about the game and know many of its secrets such as the fastest way to get gil (I end up with over 1.4 billion), how to max 4 of the stats (strength, vitality, dexterity, and luck), and I have a few other oddities and things as well. The descriptions of each individual segment provides a lot of useful information to aid you.

Throughout the series of videos, I had a self-made challenge. I was to use as much "junk materia" as possible. "Junk materia" is nothing more than materia that serves one sole purpose - gil-making. Such materia often has little or no benefit in battle (such as the weapon containing nothing but "all" materia). It's how, by the fourth leveling grounds, I already get so much gil. This is typical game play for me as well. I reach level 99 while still on disk 1.

Mario 3 full game (all levels) Play

This series of 31 video segments is a full game of Mario 3 that I played where I do every single level that I know of and grabbing two whistles. The total length is 4 hours and the segments are first split based on the event within the world (level completion), then by the world (you don't see things of world 4 mixed in with world 3 in the same segment).

At the start, I quickly get tons of lives and perform many stunts and oddities, but later on, I have more difficulties and the stunts are toned down significantly. Although I seem to have difficulties with the matching game at the start, I usually don't have that much trouble and theoretically, you can always get it in the first go, provided you can identify the specific layout and check the notes. I may seem to avoid the fire flower at first, but I get it more often later on, often as an extra hit or for the water levels. I avoid it since it prevents me from scoring big, of which I get over 1.3 million points. The same also applies to invincibility.

In the past, I called the turtles a "boppa sinsy" due to the way they are animated ("boppa" from the mouth, "sinsy" from the legs). These are my favorite enemies in the game. Those brown things I called "owls" at first.

Ultima III Exodus video walkthrough (NES version) Play

This series of 20 segments is a narrated video walkthrough of the NES game Ultima Exodus. I cover everything from the basics such as how to do battles or navigate in the caves, to what you need to do and how to do it. I also give a few tips, tricks, and hints, some found only in the segment's description.
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