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Ujjaya : an introduction to the ethno ambient music

387 views 2 years ago
A french TV report about Ujjaya the ethno ambient french-malagasy artist.
His very source of inspiration is yoga.So yoga practitioners should have a peculiar feel with this music. Ujjaya mean victory.
Concert images courtesy by André Rapinat.
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Ujjaya & Patrick Parola Play

The ethno ambient musician with malagasy roots meets Patrick Parola , a french multi instrumentalist who lives in Mexico.He is a guitar virtuoso , and he plays flute and sings in a very shamanic pre hispanic style (amongst others).Most of all, the two musicians are bond by the love of indian spirituality and both are shaping the sound. Patrick studies at the CMMAS , the equivalent in France would be the IRCAM.
He really gives a touch of virtuosity that enhances the natural magnetism of Ujjaya's music.

Ujjaya Play

Ujjaya is a poly instrumentalist playing in the Ethno Ambient genre.This french-malagsy musician play mostly veena , the most ancient hindu string instrument , that he mix with experimental/drone music.His music is influenced by shamanism and hinduism.

Ujjaya live Play

A concert from Ujjaya is often a one and unique piece of music played at slow or mid tempo , beginning with a long alap, a part without drum.During 45' to 2hours the audience is mesmerized.

Tuu Play

Tuu was the finest and the deepest ethno-ambient band in the 90's. This english group was led by Martin Franklin and the mystical atmosphere heavily influenced by hinduism and buddhism influenced a lot the music of Ujjaya.
This playlist is a tribute to their musical excellency.

Best of Jorge Reyes (a tribute from Ujjaya) Play

I gather here the best tracks of the Jorge Reyes as a form of tribute to this great artist.No doubt that he was a genius and he will be re-discovered again long time after his death.

Jorge Reyes live and rare tracks (a tribute from Ujjaya) Play

Jorge Reyes was a mexican ethno-ambient musician.His live set was powerfull, full of mystical tension coming from the shamanical and prehispanic elements.Stunning is the word, as this video can
only give a glimpse of what 's happens on the stage.


The ethno ambient project of Paul Casper.Very close to the music of Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana at their best. A really inspired and inspiring artist I discover after 2010

Michael stearns Play

Here is a radio show by Ujjaya which spanning the work of one of the ambient ancestor : Michael Stearns.His music goes from ethno-ambient music to film scores.

Ujjaya / Acoustic percussive guitar Play

Acoustic guitar by UJJAYA.As my playing is influenced by WILLIAM ACKERMAN, so you can call it NEW AGE. It's mere INSRUMENTAL music in the way of STEFAN MICUS.I would like to reach the ECM quality sound like RALPH TOWNER , PAT METHENY or JOHN ABERCROMBIE.
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