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Videos from the technology sector of the arts incubator AS220 in Providence RHode Island.

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NetWorks 2008 is a project developed by Dr. Joseph Chazan, a friend of artists, & Umberto Crenca, Artistic Director of the art center, AS220 in Providence, Rhode Island. This unique project was designed to feature the work of selected Rhode Island visual artists. It brings together an unprecedented and diverse range of collaborating art institutions to celebrate the rich, creative energy of the State. This video program is only one element within a larger scope that also includes ongoing museum and gallery exhibits, panel discussions and publishing.

The featured artists are:

Howard Ben Tré, Jonathan Bonner, Umberto Crenca, Ruth Dealy, Walter Feldman, Lucas Foglia, Mark Freedman, Richard Goulis, Scott Lapham, Salvatore Mancini, Xander Marro, Denny Moers, Jacqueline Ott, Elizabeth Pannell, Timothy Philbrick, Angel Quinonez, CW Roelle, James Watkins, Toots Zynsky.
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