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Empowerment 2014

***EXCLUSIVE*** Courts/Government Buildings Smeared with 'Ritual' Blood.. Why?

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We discovered Government buildings and Court houses smeared
with symbolic 'sacrificial' blood... WHY... Could this be evidence of the work and practices of satanism/devilry?

What on earth do 'they' need protection from? It seems We may be nothing more than sacrificial Lambs... and the false-masters are the sadistic wolves in sheep clothing.

It is time to put an end to this devilry and the satanists who run the World... If not for us, do it for the Children. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Show less
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How to Heal Yourself... Play

If we live in the frequency of fear then it is fear that will live and flourish... i know its hard to imagine living without fear because fear is what the media are constantly broadcasting! But it CAN be done... you have to be courageous in this world if you want to change it, you have to walk towards it!
Its like when you see people with cameras walking towards the hurricane and the rest of the population are running in the opposite direction... what possesses someone to walk towards something like a hurricane just to capture it on film? Some would say they are barmy, i would say it is a form of courage even if it is ludicrous!

Courage is a human characteristic that has been deliberately disabled, without our permission, a long time ago... to change this status quo we need OUR courage... we have to release it, bring it up from below because that is where it is stuck, in the lower body! Transfer it to the upper body where it can complement the heart and brain frequencies!

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