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Sun Bum

One Night Stand

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Sun Bum is a premium brand of sun care products specifically formulated for those of us who live and love in the sun. A brand that captures the essence, aesthetic, and socially conscious vibe of the beach lifestyle, while protecting our friends, family, and community from the harmful dangers of the sun.

Trust The Bum.

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Sonny's Porch Play

Sonny's Porch is a respite for traveling bands looking to get off the road to ride some waves, eat some food, shoot some pool, or just crash for a few hours. If they feel like playing some music on our back porch... we're stoked.

Bum Rush Tour Play

Sun Bum / Bum Rush Tour

Each summer we're rolling up and down the coasts looking for the best local talent doing what they love to do. No application. No qualifiers. No entry fee. Fifteen minutes after the horn sounds somebody will get a big fat check for a thousand dollars. Play nice.

What: Random surf contests.
Where: Wherever looks good to us.
When: Whenever we feel like it.
Who: Whoever happens to be there.
Prize: $1K.

Go to BumRushTour.com for more information.

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