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Trevor Mayes

SKINS... with Superpowers

13,666 views 1 year ago
People have said that the TV show, Misfits, is SKINS with superpowers. No, THIS is SKINS with superpowers! If you thought Naomily was a super-couple before... :)

Hmm, maybe I should have called it, SKINS: Fire. That has a nice ring to it.

This is a mobile-friendly version of my "SKINS: Awakening" fan-made trailer, with new music (that shouldn't get blocked by YouTube on mobile devices).

The original version is here (featuring Seven Devils by Florence and the Machine):

Anyway, if you've ever wondered where Emily got that cake from in series 3 of SKINS, and enjoy movies like CARRIE, then this Naomily fanvid is for you. Buckle up.

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Music in this video:

- Extreme Ways by Moby
- O Fortuna by Carl Orff Show less
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