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Torrin's Page Intro

17,427 views 1 year ago
Here is my intro vid for potential subscribers or newbies to my channel. They said to keep it at around a minute. Yeah, like that was gonna happen. Show less
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Hair Play

All of my hairstyle vids in one handy dandy playlist. They are organized alphabetically and I tried to group certain things together - like my Retro Styles, Historical Hair, Movie Styles, etc. Hopefully that'll help a bit.

Vlogs and whatnot Play

These are all the vids with me pretty much just talking at you...I am also including the holiday vids and general things that people may want to know about me...the dogs, the band, that kinda thing.

Nails Play

All nail stuff here: nail art, manicures, pedicures, whatever else.

Gaming Play

Here are my Let's Play vids. More ladies should game and this is my way of trying to encourage you. Or, if you're a fella, this is my way of showing you that we ladies do indeed enjoy it. :o)
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