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Tom Bem

Tom Bem - Control Ft. Nyx [Official Video]

8,810 views 1 year ago
Producer / Singer - Tom Bem's first release off new E.P 'Pass It On' out 1/3/13 - Available for free download at https://www.soundcloud.com/...
Featuring London hip hop / pop band 'Nyx'.




You dont know,
how you bleed me,
when you criticise,
then leave me to die.
But I Could never let her go,
and her power is that she knows it,
she toys with it,
exploits it,
she exploits me.

I can't even think for myself,
when all I think about is you, its hard to tell
what is going on in your mind,
I try to break it, its just a waste of time.

You never know just quite what you mean to me,
but more to the point, what do i mean to you,
where do we go from here? this is brainless,
i need distractions, new trainers.
But the girl at the cash desk looks like you,
so ill bail, leaving two new shoes,
and i need to leave now for i easily bruise,
but i choose to hurt because i need you.
I struggle with the silence your absence brings,
your voice echoes in my head like guitar strings.
Its apparent now that theres a barrier between each other,
i wish that we could find a way for us to love one another.
But you play games and you call me names,
and you find ways to plain drive me crazy
but still i remain the same and try to maintain,
for me, youre the right lady.

What do i do now
tell me how to be
cos i cant force your mind like mine is you,
to be consumed by me. Show less
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