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Bro poems are an art form, so you should take a tip from me and try and rhyme something with "form". You could rhyme "from" but then that wouldn't work.

What do you call a poem made and recited by a righteous bro? A Broem.

What do you call an awesome poem made and recited by a not-so-righteous normal person? A Poem. Alright.

Time to make some art and some magic by taking in some important poetry that'll change your life. Alright. Why not. That rules.

Have you ever heard a poem recited by a bro before while not in a final for a speech or public speaking class? No? Well strap on your chill hats, if they come with straps and if hats are allowed inside wherever you are, and get ready for some awesome Bro poetry straight from the Bro heart.

I capitalize Bro because it's a way of life. Got it, Bro? And if you're a lady, got it lady-Bro? Alright. We're all bros.

Check out this awesome dude poetry made by a professional bro. Bro poems, Broems and Broetry. Alright.

Here we go.

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