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Timshel - When We Fall

14,894 views 1 year ago
New single from Timshel.
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Video by Frank A. Unger.
Written, arranged, produced and recorded by Timshel and Oliver Lundström at Midas Studios, Raippaluoto Finland.
Mixed by Oliver Lundström & Anders Höglund at Midas Studios.
Mastered by Neil Pickles at Reveal Sound, London.


I hear a storm is coming in tonight
and they say it's going to be the worst
so pack your bags and try to leave
or hold on to what is dear and make amends

The sun will finally turn away
as if she's given up her hopes for us
after all the chances that we've thrown
for the diamonds that we long to own

Now all the rain is gonna sober up our drunken minds
and the winds are gonna bring us closer though all too late
and the fire's gonna take away everything that has brought us here
When we fall

I hope that time is on our side,
that the prophets have been wrong from the start,
that war's an oddity,
and that you and I are here to stay

But nations rise and fall all the time
it seems to be the conqueror's fate
still we believe we are the ones
who will outlive all the others who have not. Show less
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