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Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade - A Lifetime of Light

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Please enjoy this photographic journey of Thomas Kinkade's extraordinary career as "The Painter of Light". Show less
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Plein Air and Impressionism Play

Thomas Kinkade is well known for his detailed studio works, but most of these works start out as a painted color sketch or water color. This is Thom's way of getting his ideas on canvas.

But often Thom sets up his easel and works for several hours on location and just simply paints. These large brush strokes create a work of impressionism that captures the location "as is" when Thom is hard at work in front his canvas and paints.

He calls these paintings "Plein Air" which when translated means "Open Air" because the finished product is done right out in the open rather than Thom's studio.

Cottages, Manors & Inns Play

Thom was famous for his cottage paintings. Taking inspiration from the Cotswolds in England, Kinkade depicted a romantic view of village life.

From grand manor homes to simple thatched roof cottages, Thom was the artist who brought fame to this timeless structure. Cozy and tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, these scenes make us think of comfort, security and being home. There isn't a warmer and more reassuring feeling anywhere.

City and Towns Play

Kinkade painted memorable scenes of classic city life, with an eye on nostalgia. He also took a keen eye to classic American towns, villages and places he loved to visit.

Look for tributes to his 'other home town' - San Francisco. Plus romantic tributes to New York City, Charleston, Boston and even Las Vegas! Thom will point out the celebrity tributes in the paintings.

This collections includes hometown scenes of Placerville, too. Get the real story behind the art from the Painter of Light himself!

Lighthouses and Sea Play

Thom always found a lighthouse to be an inspirational image. A lighthouse depicts a by gone era and the romance of nautical life. They also represent a beacon of hope in the darkness.

The sea represents freedom. It also represents an exciting journey that takes you a new place, one of joy and peace. A cottage by the sea is a refuge from the storms of life.

Inspirational Play

Thom honored his faith with Walk of Faith, A Prayer for Peace and his classic The Prince of Peace. His art embraced all faiths and it provides comfort for folks from all walks of life.

This collection also includes the tributes to our armed services.

Gardens, Gates and Bridges Play

Sunlight shines through trees, illuminating a garden of colorful flowers. A stone wall and a rustic gate. A bridge that leads us from darkness into the light.

This series of paintings are the finest examples of modern Romantic Realism, images not of the world as it is, but the world as it could be.

Baseball, Motor Sports and Golf Play

Thom enjoyed American sports. His love of baseball and his favorite teams, the thrill of motor sports and the exacting focus of golf - all reflected in his art. In this collection, Thom presents his paintings that pay tribute to these favorite pastimes.

Popular Culture Play

Thom was not just a painter of romantic scenes. He had an eye for popular culture and the iconic memes that dominate the American scene. From Elvis to auto racing, Thom was not only part of American Pop culture, he celebrated it.
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