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This is ART

This is ART opens for PRETTY LIGHTS + Adam Deitch @ Minglewood Hall, Memphis, TN

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http://thisisartmusic.com - This is ART hails from Nashville, TN, performing live improvised bass/synth bass over 100% original tracks using an array of the latest technical equipment available, producing a rich organic sound that hits hard and leaves you begging for more. Show less
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This is ART features the live musical performance of Art Webb, a skilled bassist and multi-genre electronic producer hailing from Nashville, TN. This is ART unleashes raw musical creativity in the form of improvised sub bass-guitar lines, broken break-beats, and epic synth melodies over an array of self recorded samples and stereophonic soundscapes. The result is a distinctively rich sound, complete with melodic tones and organic structures while paying direct homage to the true underground forms of BASS music.

Within a few short years and 150+ performances to date, This is ART has traveled from New York to Florida to Colorado to Michigan and everywhere in-between the Southeast, sharing the stage as direct support to Pretty Lights with Adam Deitch, touring alongside Big Gigantic & Two Fresh, opening for Ghostland Observatory, Shpongle, Bonobo, Blockhead, EOTO, Conspirator, and Bluetech, collaborating on-stage with artists from groups such as Emancipator, Kidsmeal, & Colby Buckler of Two Fresh, as well as gaining noteworthy performances at Camp Bisco 2010 / 2012, Pretty Lights' Illumination Festival in 2010 / Official Illumination AfterParty in 2011, DexFest '09/'10/'11, IMPULSE Festival 2012, Bassnectar's Official 2011 NYE AfterParty, and STS9's Official AfterParty in 2008 with Pnuma Live PA, Eliot Lipp, and Two Fresh. Info, media, and tour dates can be found at http://thisisartmusic.com
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