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Das Lawrence

"Hell After Dreams 3: the Survivor" Teaser (10/31/2010)

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Finally, we're back on track!

This is a quick teaser i made for the most awaited mod we've been doing so far, hell after dreams 3.

Differently from the earlier videos of it, this new chapter will have a new brand story, new main character and brand new features (which i'm not gonna spoil now). At the moment, the project is like 35% complete.

Yes, the female voice you hear at the end of the teaser is from the mod, and the phrase written under the face has a meaning that you'll understand playing it when it's ready.

For the release, we're speculing on a "when it's done" release date.

Now, about the story: it will take place in the future, about 100 years after the events shown in had1 and had2. Of course it will be connected with these two, expecially with the 2nd chapter.

The ambient won't have the classic doom style like in the earlier chapters, i mean, it will have a Quake1\Quake2\Half-life ambient as much as possible (we'll do the best we can do)

The mod will be divided in 2 episodes. each episode will have its weapon selection (ep 2 weapons different from ep1), same for the monsters (in ep 2 you'll find ep1 monsters plus new ons).

Well, that's it, there's nothing else i can spoil for now (red just will kill me if i do haha) XD
That's all folks *looney tunes ending theme*

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Blood: Cryptic Passage (Sunstorm Interactive) Play

Blood is a PC game developed by 3D Realms and Monolith Productions and distributed by GT Interactive. Development was underway at 3D Realms in parallel with a number of other well-known titles. Following the success of Duke Nukem 3D, development progress was made public starting in June 1996 with weekly updates on their website. It was originally scheduled for release in early 1997. On January 22, 1997, a press release announced that all rights had been sold to Monolith so that 3D Realms "could focus efforts on Shadow Warrior," another Build engine game slated for release the same year. Released on May 31, 1997, it utilized an enhanced version of the Build engine from Ken Silverman which featured the addition of voxels. The game falls in the first-person shooter category and has an arsenal of curious weapons, numerous enemies and liberal amounts of gore.

Cryptic Passage was published by Sunstorm Interactive and is the only officially authorized commercially available ten-level add-on episode for Blood that was not made by Monolith. It should be noted that Cryptic Passage was released before Monolith's own Plasma Pak expansion.

Quake 1 (ID Software) *in Development* Play

Quake is a first-person shooter video game that was released by id Software on June 22, 1996. It was the first game in the popular Quake series of video games.

The player takes the role of an unnamed soldier sent into a portal in order to stop an enemy code-named "Quake". Previously, the government had been experimenting with teleportation technology, and upon development of a working prototype called a "Slipgate", this enemy has compromised the human connection with their own teleportation system, using it to insert death squads into the 'human' dimension, supposedly in order to test the martial capabilities of humanity.

The sole surviving protagonist in Operation Counterstrike is the player, who must advance, starting each of the four episodes from a human held but overrun military base, before fighting through into other dimensions, traversing these via slipgate or their otherworld equivalent. Once passing through each slipgate, the player's main objective is to survive and locate the exit which will take him to the next level, not unlike that of id Software's previous hit, Doom.

Blood Never Ends Play

Because blood is never over!!!!!!
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