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Mysteries of the Unknown Books Scarred us for Life!!

399 views 9 months ago
We called Mysteries of the Unknown! Time Life Book's creepy book series on the occult freaked us out as kids with their scary commercials. We decided to call them up and were shocked to get someone on the phone 25 years later... Show less
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Horror Hacks Play

HORROR HACKS: The most outrageous, disturbing and inane horror films that you will probably never see in theaters. Subscribe to www.YouTube.com/TheZomborg

Scarred For Life Play

Scarred For Life: bringing you the nightmare fuel of your childhood! We review clips from film, TV and pop culture that scarred us for life.

The Daily Grindhouse - Movie Vlog Play

The Daily Grindhouse shines an insightful yet humorous light into the darkest crevices of independent, cult, B and horror genre film. Hosted by Greg & Phil with the WTF Movie watching gang..

Ball & Chain Play

You ever feel like your significant other is really starting to be the old Ball and Chain? Well at least it is not literal....

Herm the Hemophiliac Play

Herm the Hemophiliac is a web series which follows the misadventures of Herm; a hemophiliac who is frightened of all the sharp, pointy things in the world which might cause him to bleed to death!

Who Would You Rather Kill?! Play

In this interactive web series you get to: Decide Who Dies!!! Which stereotype is MORE annoying and deserves a brutal death?!
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