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The Whiners

Drop The Knife (Split Screen - Sammy Yatim shooting)

411 views 11 months ago
Updated: Const. James Forcillo charged with second degree murder August 19, 2013 ...

Some personal thoughts on the Sammy Yatim street car shooting/killing of July 27, 2013 - video is synced from closed circuit camera and street view in a split screen. I certainly wonder where the Police officer (Const. James Forcillo) went upon shooting - did he move away from the scene? You can't tell very well from the footage. Was it he who goes into the car from the back and is seen with gloves coming out again?

Note: I simply cannot get the images and repetition of "drop the knife" out of my head - ergo, the song I wrote and recorded for my band (accompanying the later part of the video) is a direct result.

He's the kid who has the knife
And he's the cop who's gonna take his life
Both of them yelling through the street car door
Keep on yelling and they yell some more
Yell some more

Drop the knife ... Drop the knife ... Drop the knife ... Drop the knife ...
knife ... knife ... knife ... knife

Drop the knife ... Drop the knife ... Drop the knife ... Drop the knife

What goes around
Will come back around
And what goes up
Must come back down

Drop the knife ... Drop the knife ... Drop the knife ... Drop the knife

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