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Truth Cams #39 | The End!

25,866 views 1 year ago
Well its not how we would of liked to of gone out, but what can we do. Me and Dman have felt for a while now, that we don't have the time or energy to run the team anymore, and feel the reason we started truth was just not there anymore.

Urban was going to take over leadership but realized shortly after that truth was not the same, we hope you remember truth for the team it was and not the team we ended up as.

We want to thank all our fans from our the ones that have been with us from the beginning to the ones that subscribed recently, without your support truth would never of been so successful or running to this day.

Once again sorry to all our fans, if truth was to ever restart which is highly unlikely it would be on this channel so please don't get mislead from people pretending to take credit for our work.

Editor is personally one of my fav in the community atm, be sure to sub- http://www.youtube.com/user...

From your leaders- Urban,Gamer,dMan,2face been a good run good luck in the future. Show less
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