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Jae Ryan


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    Lucas Puig is releasing the first ever Pro Spotlight Video right here on on September 1. Stay tuned to see these features leading up to its release: Behind The Cover, Trailer #2, My Ride, Yay Or Nay,
  • esCape

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    I listen to this music which i like dubstep, dnb, moombah, trap, glitch hop, electro and more .. :)
    and I like to share it with you!

    Listen, Comment, Like, Share and Subscribe :)))))))

    If you wo
  • This is dope! Great job! I came here to here the 00015 but totally forgot that when I started listening!

    The Replacements - Left Of The Dial Cover - (Martin 000-15m) (Canon 600D)

    Watch in 720p!

    Acoustic cover of 'Left Of The Dial' by 'The Replacements'

    Played on a Martin 000-15.
    Recorded using a Blue Yeti Microphone into Logic Studio.
    Filmed using a Canon 600D.

    Thanks f...

    • 7 videos
  • Is this the stuff your working on this is deadly? That stuff I posted was very cruddy. I'm workin on an EP right now actually. The single should be done the end of this month. It's starting to get a lot less dark and more day timish. The "sun drenched" stuff if you will. Thanks for listening though! I also have a very cruddy ten minute mix on soundcloud if your interested! Search "Stoned Only - Harddrive Heart" ! Can't wait for more from you if this is you :)


    soɯǝʇɥıuƃ ɯɐpǝ ɟoɹ FUN.
    ∞ △ ∞
  • John Cougar Mellencamp - Ain't Even Done With The Night (Cover)

    A little acoustic cover of my favourite Cougar song. Not exactly an acoustic song to begin with, but thats the fun of covers now isn't it :)
  • Ryan Bingham - Tell My Mother I Miss Her So (Cover)

    Got into Ryan Bingham long before crazy heart, did this recording long ago. I still love this song though, and if any of you know where I live, and how people live here, well then you'd understand...
  • You are just the coolest

    alex olson in the making - skater / musician

    profile on professional skater Alex Olson making music
  • Ryan Adams - Lucky Now (Cover)

    I know the mixing is terrible and the guitar is slightly out of tune. For this I apology and would not like to be judged on for this was just thrown together! Hoping to provide some better quality ...
  • Wow.

    "Dreamer" by Danielle

    TSF 2012

    Italo 80s dreams. Synths used- Roland Jupiter-8: 56 strings Roland Juno-2: juno bass Korg EMX-1: drums D-50-JV-88...
  • I think just a basic logic reverb with some telephone eq on vocals and the low end rolled of the reverb!

    Stoned Only - Everybody Is My Best Friend (nanostudio, iPad, logic, chillwave, glo fi)

    New project I started that involves iPad only jams with some pre recorded loops.
  • Simple Trance with hardware (Juno-60)

    A quick tutorial on creating a simple Trance-type arpeggio sound with the Roland Juno-60.
  • KCRW

    • 865 videos
    Los Angeles-based public radio station KCRW is one of the most respected and progressive music outlets in the world. KCRW's music selections are handpicked by a pool of talented DJs who have only one
  • SynthMania

    • 344 videos
    Demonstrations, tutorials, information on synthesizers, keyboards, samplers, organs, drum machines, effects and many other music-making devices
  • TheSynthFreq's channel

    • 211 videos
  • RetroSound

    • 297 videos
    RetroSound reveals the secrets of electronic music of the 1970ies and 80ies featuring the legendary sound of vintage synthesizers and drum machines of that time.
    Founder Marko Ettlich create the Retro
  • Father John Misty performing "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings" on KCRW

    • by KCRW
    • 2 years ago
    Former Fleet Foxes drummer J. Tillman creates new tunes as Father John Misty. We explore his musical alter ego in advance of his show at First Fridays at the Natural History Museum. Hear it on Morn...
  • Stoned Only - No Phone To Call (iPad, garageband, logic, synth, jam, chillwave, glo fi)

    A song I wrote on an iPad for my friend Sarah Hewlett on her birthday! She has great taste in music, perhaps to good for this song but a man has to do what a man has to do. More Stoned Only coming...
  • tricks

    tricks on a skateboard
  • SCHWEET!!!!!


    bowmanville skatepark
  • most of my footage

    a long vid with most of my footage...almost to much to enjoy but fuck it and check it out anyways
  • a day in slip ons

    coverage of a day in slip ons
  • the bigger than hip hop video

    i got stoned and decided to throw together a nice lil video part.....I ran into thousands of errors will doing it probably because I was high but check it out anyways....
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