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Sail Trim & Performance Sailing with Gary Jobson Trailer

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Trailer for 66-minute instructional sailing video.
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A video by Rob Dubin with Gary Jobson.
From the Sailing Quarterly Video Magazine library. In this 66 minute how-to sailing video, America's Cup champion Gary Jobson covers all aspects of sail trim that will help you improve the performance of your boat wether you race or cruise.

Gary takes you aboard a variety of sailboats from Solings to Maxis, demonstrating how to use your sails to get the most out of your boat's performance. Detailed graphics show the finer points of adjustments. Watch now and get your boat out in front. Topics include Mainsail trim, Headsail trim, Spinnaker trim, Spinnaker sets and takedowns, Downwind mainsail trim, Light air racing upwind and downwind, and Trimming for performance.
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We are making our sailing documentaries available for rental through YouTube. Titles include classic sailing videos, modern day destination cruising videos, and instructional how-to videos from five Lin and Larry Pardey, Don Street, Jack Klang and others. If you like what you rent and want to purchase a video for your library, please visit www.thesailingchannel.tv where we are constantly adding new titles. There you can purchase videos as Downloads and DVDs, and rent new titles that may not yet be on our YouTube SailFlix playlist.

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Here is the complete set of Lin and Larry Pardey Off Shore videos now available for video rental exclusively through TheSailingChannel.TV.

Learn How to Cruise, How to Cross Oceans, Storm Tactics, how to Cost Control While You Cruise so you can keep cruising longer, and take the sailing adventure of a lifetime with Cruising Has NO Limits.

If you like the rentals and want to add Lin and Larry's videos to your library, please visit www.thesailingchannel.tv/pardey/

There you will find all of the Pardey videos for purchase as Downloads and DVDs. We also have their sailing books available in booth hard and electronic versions.

Storm Tactics
Get Ready to Cruise
Get Ready to Cross Oceans
Cruising Has No Limits

Sailing Quarterly Cruising Instruction Vol. 1 Play

From the Sailing Quarterly Video Magazine library, this 53 minute how-to sailing video covers Anchor Penetration and Holding; Weather Forecasting and Routing; Anchoring under Sail; securing a Mediterranean (Med) Mooring; and a Man Overboard (MOB) Recovery demonstration by the U.S. Naval Academy Sailing Team. Presenters include Gary Jobson plus sailing experts Hal Sutphen, John Rousmaniere, Frank Papy, Bill Biewenga, and Keith Taylor. (C1Z)

Produced in the late 1980's, Sailing Quarterly Video Magazine's 24 one-hour programs set the standard for sailing television. Hosted by America's Cup champion, Gary Jobson, this is timeless content that will benefit every sailor, racer or cruiser. We've taken individual stories, and grouped them under instructional categories and cruising destinations. Besides Gary, presenters include legendary sailors Don Street, Hal Roth, Bill Crealock, Tristan Jones, John Rousmaniere, Hal Sutphen, Captain Frank Papy, and others. This is timeless content that will benefit every sailor, racer or cruiser.

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For even more, see Don Street's Streetwise Tips Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
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Watch the series overview and trailers for each volume here. Sail Vicarious presents over 8 hours of how-to and cruising information. Purchase at www.thesailingchannel.tv/sailvicarious

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In this series, Spencer and Kathleen want to sail around the world. But first, they need to find the right boat, refit it, outfit for long range cruising, gain experience with coastal cruising and then venture off-shore into the Caribbean.

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Ten years in the making, the video series tracks the gritty effort of two gals, Sandra and Gena, as they pursue their dream of building and cruising a 43 foot Bruce Robert designed steel sailboat. 10 half-hour episodes available as Video Downloads and on DVD at www.thesailingchannel.tv/thebigsailboatproject

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Sailing writer, Contributing Editor to SAIL Magazine, and charter skipper, Wally Moran tackles his first sail repair project using Sailrite's powerful yet easy to use Ultrafeed LSZ-1 sewing machine. Five Episodes. Watch it free. Own it for offline viewing at www.thesailingchannel.tv/sailrite.
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