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Giuseppe di Apollo

Welcome 2 My Channel. #Music #Business #Instrumentals #Beats #Marketing #Promoting #Advice #Tips.

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http://therockhillaveprojec... (The Official Website)
The information I give you is absolutely FREE and on my own time. This is my introduction video to my YouTube channel. Thank you for watching. I will be using my channel as a way to inform, teach, give advice, motivate, and help independent artist market and promote their music correctly, as well as upload my newest instrumental beat productions.
Today's independent artists seem as though they have no clue about what to do with their business or their music, and I got tired of watching train wreck after train wreck. Its not their fault, they just weren't taught the rules of the game.
I'm here because I want to help artist get their game plans in order as well as produce them with my musical composition productions.
I am not saying I am the foremost knowledgable on this subject, but I do consider myself a social scientist, and learn through trail and error. I take the time to study, learn and put into practice all that I research, and its worked well for me thus far. In return I will deliver to you all of the info I possibly can upload, as well as bring you the knowledge of business absolutely FREE. This is for the true hustlers that want this dream to become a reality. Whether success comes or not all depends on YOU! You can't blame anyone but you, I'm just the messenger.

Please Visit and Support Me and My Websites:

http://therockhillaveprojec...  (The Official Website)
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NOTE: ALL background music in this video has been created by me (Trenton Divine) The RockHill Ave. Project

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