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Richard La

Nico Vega - Beast Remix

21,892 views 1 year ago
Really liked the song (Beast by Nico Vega) after seeing the trailer for Bioshock Infinite and remixed it.

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Produced and Performed by Richard La

beast of america, the media hysteria
the tv sets they're flaring up
the talking heads are stirring up
that bullshit, they got a full clip of nonsense,
and they full of it, and all these eyes are glued to its foolishness

and it's a circle jerk of frivolous shit
distracted by distractions, making ad money for these businesses
we eating up, all this senselessness
and its byproduct is the real news facing censorship

and so we keep it moving yeah, yeah, we keep it dumb
we let them spew that bullshit, yeah we let em come
and that TV screen.. gone fry our brain
..get tunnel vision man, shit, dont ever leave your lane

and now we pointing fingers, at the wrong people
we let the tubes operate free and deceitful
......and I swear it's so evil
complaints wont be heard, keep feeding the beast yo
verse 2
beast of america, the middle class is breaking up
the bills are piling on, as the paychecks come irregular
in and out of jobs, and they all low wages
grasping at straws, and ya losing your patience

the beast of america, got bombs in abundance
too big to stop feeding, gotta keep funding it
need more bombs, cause the boogiemen are coming in
and its a videogame, as the drones keep thundering

the beast is consumerism..the cost of education
blatant budget cuts that are all so flagrant
..the beast is apathy, and that feeds off silence
the people so quiet, now the beast so vibrant

the beast is religion man the beast is congress
the beast are the people holding back real progress
..the beast can manifest from anything and anytime..
..many shapes, many faces, many shades, many sides

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