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The Polish Ambassador (Jumpsuit Records)

Polish Ambassador Permaculture Action Tour

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Pushing Through The Pavement: A Permaculture Action Tour
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A note from The Polish Ambassador

For the past 5 years I have been touring as an electronic music composer and performer. It has been a joy, an honor, and an evolution to share my music with an audience that seems to put progressive ideas and community at the forefront of it's collective consciousness. I'm fully aware that without the support and participation of YOU GUYS this project would cease to exist. It's for that reason I feel indebted to the supporters of this project to use TPA as a platform to facilitate positive impact.

In speaking with so many of you guys at shows, festivals, and random encounters in the street, it has become clear that this music scene is ripe for some change. It's also clear that you guys want to be a part of it. In fact, the type of change that we are calling for will only work if you guys ARE involved. It's a collective movement that can be accelerated through artists, but ultimately comes down to the people--YOU.

People are attending concerts and festivals by the tens of thousands yet it is rare to see this energy mobilizing for a greater cause, a cause that directly affects the local community that is hosting the event. Yep, I'm with you. The party, the celebration is awesome. Shaking booty with your friends is heaps of fun. I know. I've been doing it for the past 5 years. But now, I'm longing for something more. Are you?

Can impact and celebration co-exist in the same environment? Can community work parties and projects culminate in ecstatic dance party celebrations? Can we remember that festival culture all began with harvests where people busted their ass for a week(s), all of it culminating in a community celebration known as a festival?

I'm curious. My gut tells me that this is the evolution that we are moving toward within our music scene. Realizing within ourselves that in giving, we are actually receiving. Understanding that it can feel so, so good to build with people to create something greater than our independent selves before or after we celebrate. Remembering that before anything else comes reverence for the earth, for without the earth we would not be. Simple truths.

I've decided to dedicate this Fall tour to these ideals. Perhaps we can consider this a seed that is being planted to inspire other artists to do something similar. Maybe it's an experiment. We have a question and this experiment might be the beginning of an answer.

We're embarking on a 30+ city tour and we've linked up with a team of permaculture teachers, urban farmers, community organizers, and network weavers to add to the already growing team of musicians, lyricists, and visual artists that make up Jumpsuit Records and The Polish Ambassador experience. We'll be teaching permaculture at shows through spoken word, video, and resources for people to take home; bringing local groups and organizations out to put a focus on the change they're making in each city; and hosting impact days attended by YOU guys to build community projects. Pushing Through the Pavement is taking action to transform the places where we live.

The money you donate to this campaign will allow us to do all of this - to bring the teachers and organizers on the road, to provide materials for audiences and local project days, to document the process and publish it online, and to keep everyone healthy and taken care of along the way - to be a first step in bringing about this transformation. We're planting a seed with the intention that it's going to grow and grow.

In closing, I ask that if you share, donate and support one thing from TPA this year, let it be this campaign. Every show I've ever played, every song I've ever produced, every fan I've ever connected with, it's really all led up to this. This project has become something greater than the music that's come through it, not because of me or you, but because of an open invitation to co-create together. It's my intention to extend that invitation even further. Will you create transformational party 2.0 with us?"

Check our campaign video now! You're going to LOVE the perks

With overflowing amounts of love and gratitude for your participation,

-David Sugalski AKA The Polish Ambassador

Video Directed by Carl Grether
Camera by Carl Grether and Sarah Scheld
Editing by Andrew J. Okeefe II (andrewjokeefe.com)
Titles by Dhiren Dasu
Music by TPA, Ayla Nereo and Mr. Lif Show less
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Available Now for "Name Your Price" at https://thepolishambassador.bandcamp.com

"Loved for his rootsy, indie EDM and sunny, shimmering beats, The Polish Ambassador springs deeper into organic, soulful sonics on his latest offering, Pushing Through the Pavement. The album's tracks sprout from funk, R&B, and hip hop, thanks to a crew of friends and collaborators that feels like a snapshot of Bay Area underground soulfulness combined with worldwide musical allies. Progressive hip hop featuring Mr. Lif cross-pollinate with Indian and global chants ("Sri Gurvastakam"and "Koyelia"). Dubbed-out flow ("Rise and Release" featuring Raashan Ahmad) and delicate, positive R&B ("Wait for One That's Special" featuring the velvet-voiced Sean Haefeli) raise the roof.

It's all part of the same shifting energy for TPA: "For me it's a modern day soul record with hip hop, jazz, and world flair. The electronic backbone ties it all together. That's what I'm most stoked about. You can go from one track to another, unable to classify this record as a certain style."

Yet the vibe remains the same: Be yourself, do it joyfully, and do it sustainably."

-Dmitri Vietze/Rock, Paper, Scissors
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