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Henry Kroll

♥♫♪ Friends - A Fishing Song I Wrote ♥♫♪

4,362 views 4 years ago
Offbeat 6/4 rhythm I came up with because people were saying I was "too mainstream."

More of my music at http://www.MixCulture.org

This song is about my life and how I went from being a commercial fisherman to hauling fish. We make approximately 40 trips across Cook Inlet, in Alaska, every summer. It's a tough job, but it's a lot of fun, and somebody has to do it!

Friends, it has come to my attention that oil rigs in Cook Inlet, Alaska are allowed to dump toxic drilling mud, the only place in the country where this special EPA exemption exists. This is destroying the habitat we all, and endangered beluga whales, depend on. In addition, we need to get our towns upgraded to using secondary waste treatment. Right now they are operating under another exemption to get by with only primary treatment, which is killing fish by over-fertilizing the algae and dumping toxic chemicals into our food chain. We fish on the West side, at least 60 miles away from these pollution sources to bring you the healthiest fish in the nation, but we need help to end this assault on our environment, before it's too late! More at http://thenerdshow.com

A floating wastewater treatment proposal:

For you searchers out there, this music video slide show, shot and recorded by Henry Kroll 3rd, features 3 generations of Alaska fishermen, scenic pictures of Squarehead Cove and Chisik Island. It is dedicated to Henry Kroll I, The Mad Trapper of Seldovia, Henry Kroll II, Henry's boat, F.V. Brisk, The Hagues at Point Harriet, The Bunkers, The Haines's The Foyes and all the Tuxedni Bay and West Side salmon fishermen. We love you!


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