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Adam McConnell

Parkour Pilgrimage (Full)

83,057 views 2 years ago
This video is not of my making. I just thought it would be good to have the entire documentary on YouTube in one video instead of broken up into 10 or so parts. Hope no one minds.

'Project Pilgrimage' is a 2008 documentary following Duncan's journey with many other traceurs. to and around Lisses, the birthplace of Parkour.
A Message From Duncan

"This is a full-length documentary about Lisses - the birthplace of parkour - and about parkour itself. It contains footage of over a hundred and fifty traceurs, and was shown to David Belle for approval before release.

It is important that everyone understand ... this is not just a "parkour video." It's not just a bigger and better sampler. It is different, and it deserves a different kind of attention.

Please try to watch it all in one sitting if you can ... set aside enough time to see the whole thing. Watch it with friends, talk it over ... and then let me know what you think. I spent over a thousand work hours making this, and I care very deeply about it, and I am eager to know what you think."
Duncan is an American Traceur from Burlington, North Carolina.

Here is an interview with him from WorldWide Jam: http://www.worldwidejam.tv/...

Finally, you can view his sampler here: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

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