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Men... wake up! Release the fear, LOVE women, stand in your connected truth and BE GREAT!

2,084 views 5 months ago
Men - It's time to release the past, stand in the present moment and BE the loving, caring, fearless, masculine, passionate, amazing beings that we were truly meant to be. The old paradigm of domination, fear, control, manipulation, anger, blame, victim, is over!!! We can no longer treat women with disrespect, dishonor, blame, anger, violence, sexual abuse... IT'S OVER. A NEW TIME HAS COME. This time is of love, equality, deep reverence, compassion, honor, surrender, accountability with one another, loving and accountable communication. They are no longer the enemy. They are no longer viewed as the obstacle to why our lives are not working. They are the reason THEY DO! They are here to help guide us and show us how to be the most loving, amazing men we can be if we stop and listen and pay attention. Shift your thoughts, shift your paradigm to this new way of thinking and YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. They are the experience of the love you seek, they are the sex and passion you truly desire, they are the abundance you've been chasing, it all exists in your ability to view your relationship as your barometer for how you're living on a deeper level as a connected man. She's not your nemesis, she's your barometer and your guide to help keep you in alignment with God. Yes, you have to face yourself and your reason for being here on this planet. What are you doing here and who are you for yourself... not her, not your kids, not your job, not your money, not your fame, not your body, who are you for you??? Commit yourself to seeing how women love and be... from their deepest well of beingness and you will be blown away by the man that rises from the deep within you.

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