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10/8/6 Program Designed By Jason Yamamoto Play

The 10/8/6 repetition program designed by Jason Yamamoto. This is the first program designed to increase muscular and strength performance in the shortest amount of time without going to failure. 10/8/6 is a goal based program. Hitting the number 10/8/6 is the goal but if one is to fall short and not hit 10 reps but hit 8-9 reps, that is good enough.

The 10/8/6 program is a mixture of strength and conditioning to help a strength and obstacle athlete. It's suppose to give the athlete the best of both worlds without damaging the CNS (Central Nervous System) for recovery. Because this program is designed to not go to failure, it will give the athlete reasonable and the most optimal time to recover from the previous training.

The 10/8/6 program targets heavy compound movements with weights and mixture of calisthenics. The procedures goes as such: 2 heavy compound movements that targets the chest/back or quads/ham and then 2 calisthenics exercises that targets chest/backs or quads/ham . One would also include an ab routine at the end of their program and perform some Cardiovascular exercise.

An example routine for Chest and Backs goes as such:
Chest: Bench press 10/8/6
Back: Bent over row 10/8/6
Chest: Push ups 5 sets 10 reps
Back: Pull ups 10 sets 5 reps
Abdominal: Crunches 5 sets 10 reps
Cardio: 10 min fast pace walk

An example routine for Legs:
Quads and Hamstrings: Leg press 10/8/6
Back squats: 5 sets 10 reps

Deadlifts: 10/8/6
Front squats: 5 sets 10 reps

Advice. Please allow oneself to have a minimum of 2 days of rest to the maximum 3 days of rest per week. This program allows the athlete to train 4 days a week with an option to train 1 additional day for whichever weakness that athlete needs to strengthen on. One must give the body optimal time to recover their body for the next week's training.

In this playlist, Jason Yamamoto will place all the exercises needed to complete your program. Please set reasonable goals to obtain. Be safe because safety always comes first. Also consult with a doctor if you're healthy enough to perform this program. Jason Yamamoto will not be liable damages if one is to perform these exercises wrong. The guarantee is if one dedicates oneself enough to a lifestyle change.

Nutrition and Exercise Benefits Play

In this section, I will discussing benefits of certain foods and exercises and how it will generally overall benefit you. It was great making these videos as I have gone through and researched the material myself and creating them. Making me understand more about the exercise I perform and the food I eat. I hope this helps you out. Good luck.
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