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The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #193 - Patreon Support Campaign

4,725 views 5 months ago

Many people ask me, "How can I help you out or support what you have going on?" and besides supporting my sponsors or buying things directly from me, THIS Patreon site is a perfect solution.

Basically you log in and create and 'pledge' any amount you would like. It can be as little as a dime or as much as you want and each time I publish a new vlog, your pledge will accumulate and then make one payment a month to me.

I realize some months I make 2 or 3 vlogs and in busy months I might make 20 so you can set a maximum pledge amount and it will cap it at that amount.

My vlogs will continue to remain FREE whether you pledge or not but this is one small way you can help support me, my travels, and my equipment upgrades.

Thank you for the support! Show less
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Disc Golf Mini Clips

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