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The Digital Age

The Digital Age - Rehearsals - "Oceans"

87,848 views 2 months ago
Live footage from our recent rehearsals at our studio in Waco, Texas. We'll be releasing more of these in the coming weeks, so be sure to subscribe.
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Recorded at Asterisk Sound - Waco,TX http://asterisksound.com

Produced by The Digital Age

Mixed by Shane D Wilson at St. Izzy's of the East. Assisted by Evan Redwine. Mix Coordination by Lani Crump for Showdown Management.

Mastered by Bob Boyd at Ambient Digital - http://ambientdigital.com

Copyright © 2013 Hillsong Music Publishing (APRA) (adm. in the US and Canada at CapitolCMGPublishing.com) All rights reserved. Used by permission. Show less
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Rehearsals Play

When we returned to our hometown of Waco, TX after the final DC*B show at Passion 2012, we immediately began construction on our new studio, Asterisk Sound. Little did we know that converting a dirty, sweaty gym into a classy recording studio would be such an undertaking. Between ripping out ceiling tiles and building walls, we discussed how we weren't cut out to be construction workers and how much we were ready to start playing music again. As soon as the main tracking room was completed, we moved in all our gear and started making noise. While we were rehearsing, we began getting emails and tweets from people wondering what we sound like, so we decided to document the process. We'll start posting these "rehearsals" regularly. Enjoy!

Believe Play

To watch full interactive version please head to: http://www.thedigitalagemusic.com/believe
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