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Alphonia - Channel Trailer

2,663 views 11 months ago
Heyo I guess you're a bit curious about me :)

I commonly go by Alphy. I'm in college majoring in Film Production. I make semi-casual gaming videos to share my game experiences, which mainly consists of me derping out. I love weird and indie games but will occasionally play other games made by bigger companies.

[Main Series]
Alcadia 2.0 - Single Player Modded Minecraft, trying to make this a long running series!
Hypermine - FTB Server with a customized pack. Server isn't owned by me, just playing on it and having tons of fun! :)
Alphy Plays - Random games that I happen to play. Usually non-indie titles. Stand alone videos unless I get requests or wish to make a longer series out of them!
Alphy Plays Indie Games - Similar to "Alphy Plays" except it's all indie/free/flash titles :D

Twitter - http://twitter.com/alphonia

Music - Keep Smiling by CMA
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