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Test Jam (1984)

4,432 views 5 years ago
From 1984. Trying out a Canon VC30 camera and VR40 VHS Hi-Fi deck.

(Yes, that is the Prince and the Revolution poster from Purple Rain on the wall ... :)

For anyone interested in 1980's recording and audio equipment -- Visible in the video are the Sequential Circuits Six Trak and Drumtrax with a drum/bass loop, Yamaha DX7, and a Moog MemoryMoog Plus, tuned at 3:14 using Autotune, which 9 times out of 10 tuned all 18 oscillators in 20 seconds or so ...

Sitting idly-by in the background are the Tascam 38 and 32, and a Commodore 64 with MIDI interface and RGB monitor. I don't remember which 16x8x2 mixer that was but the monitors were EV Sentry 100's powered by a Yamaha 2050 (2x50watt).

Guitar is a Westbury Custom S, an under-rated guitar, and the only one I could afford in 1981 when I got it, with Dimarzio Dual Sound pickups, into a Yamaha PG-1 pre-amp with effects loop (dbx160x, Furman RV1, Roland SDE1000) to a Yamaha 2050 in bridged mono (100watts) to a Music Man 2 x 10" folded horn cabinet.

Audio is from a Canon stereo condenser mic on the camera picking up room sound. (keyboard mixer output fed through a Roland RE301 Space Echo, QSC amp, and Gollehon speakers.)

Recorded some time in the fall of 1984 on VHS tape. Show less
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