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To tha Face (feat. Pierre) - Tejbz (Official Music Video)

3,072,637 views 3 years ago
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Download the song here http://itunes.apple.com/se/...

Spotify link http://open.spotify.com/tra...

This is a song about how gamers can get girls. And how girls love nukes. Sort of atleast. Enjoy and share to your friends!

Lyrics for the song dudes http://www.tejbz.com/tebjz/...

Please help me get this vid viral guys!!

Guys I cant start thanking you enough for liking this video and just watching it. This is without a doubt the best video EVER haha!

Credits (My peeps that helped me make this):
Produced by: Captain Norway
Singer: Pierre (http://www.myspace.com/chem...)
Tejbz: as Himself
Tejbgirl: Jannie (Lastname secret ;) will not disclose cause she is mine... no JK.)
Director: Vegard Skogheim
Photo: David Wester
Handyman: David Jonsson

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