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This Thing Called Science Part 6: Citizen Science

6,817 views 1 year ago
Part 6 of 'This thing called Science'; the second series of the continuing TechNyou critical thinking resource.

The resource continues themes covered in the first critical thinking series on strengthening critical thinking with scepticism and analysis and introduces the basic elements of the scientific process.

Suitable for high school years 8-10, and focused on science issues, the module can be adapted to suit classroom plans.

The education resource is available here: https://education.technyou....

See https://education.technyou.... for the first part of the resource.

This series starts with 'Call me Skeptical' http://youtu.be/W9IoN8Tb1wg

For the first series of videos on critical thinking visit: http://youtu.be/iSZ3BUru59A

There are also two downloadable Critical Thinking guides:

and An extended version for secondary school teachers: http://technyou.edu.au/wp-c...

Animated and directed by James Hutson, Bridge8.
Written by Mike Mcrae Show less
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Useful videos for high school teachers and students on nanotechnology, biotechnology and other enabling technologies.
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