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How to Survive the Zombie Website Apocalypse

354 views 3 months ago
Old, ugly, static websites are like Zombies: dead yet still living and with an endless hunger for killing your customer relationships and eating your margins. Find out what you can do to save your hosting business before it's too late...

BaseKit's VP of Product, Gordon Plant, talks about how you can survive the zombie website apocalypse at WHD Global 2014. Show less
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BaseKit: The Digital Dinosaur Report Play

Here at BaseKit we have been working together to bring you our small business report, "Digital Dinosaurs". We spoke to over 500 small business owners to find out exactly what they think about the digital and online world. The report highlights areas such as how many small businesses are online and how many small businesses are using social networking sites. The report also covers the biggest problems and fears that small businesses face. These fears of conquering the web means that small businesses are increasingly afraid of becoming "digital dinosaurs".

BaseKit: Tip of the Day Play

BaseKit presents a selection of handy tips to help you get the most out of your website. Our short but informative tips cover SEO, Link Building, User Interface Design, SMEs and Web Design.
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