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Thai Attack! Grilled Cheese Revenge - The Melt Master

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Chef Eric Greenspan gets all Thai'd up at Jitlada with chef-owners Jazz & Tui's spiciest dish ever, but revenge is a dish best served deep-fried. Subscribe for awesome: http://goo.gl/Z7lbS

Go on more mind-blowing grilled cheese adventures: http://goo.gl/n9UkD

Chef Eric Greenspan heads to Jitlada, one of the nation's most well-respected Thai restaurants, in Los Angeles' Thai Town to see what the fuss is all about. He learns how brother and sister duo recreate the dishes they grew up with in Thailand and bring the essence of home cooking to favorite Thai recipes like tom kha gai soup and pad Thai. They also teach him the secrets to their world famous crazy-spicy Dynamite Curry made with frog's legs, which Eric bravely takes down. But in his hot pepper fever haze, the Melt Master has a seriously sweaty lightbulb moment: he can't out-spice Jitlada's owners, but he can out-RICH them. If you know Eric Greenspan, you know he can out-rich anyone! Check out the double-decker, double cheese Thai-inspired grilled cheese sandwich recipe he dreams up. So indulgently deliciously over-the-top, this grilled cheese is based on the deep-fried Monte Cristo sandwich, only this version is coconut milk batter-dipped and stuffed with chicken and shrimp and Thai spices along with buffalo mozzarella and Norwegian Gjetost cheese (yup, just like in this week's Burger Lab!).

In this new Tasted.com show, chef Eric Greenspan, world-renowned chef, takes on the most insane culinary journey of his life: Proving himself the King of Grilled Cheese. Each episode, we challenge him to make a unique, never-before-seen grilled cheese sandwich inspired by iconic foods from landmark restaurants, from Randy's Donuts to Bludso's BBQ. Yes, you will be seeing a doughnut grilled cheese!

Watch the Eric make the grilled cheese that put him on the map in Star Chef Secrets: http://youtu.be/URYkQRY387c

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