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Surströmming! You Asked, We Delivered - Why Would You Eat That?

334,866 views 1 year ago
Since the start of Why Would You Eat That?, there has been one food that you have consistently asked us to feature: surströmming. So we finally got our hands on some of that super nasty, extremely stinky fermented fish that's a traditional Swedish delicacy harking back to the years before the refrigerator was invented. Subscribe to see what food we explore next week: http://goo.gl/Z7lbS

Even the biggest fans of fish are going to have to dig deep in order find something to like about surströmming. In many places in Sweden, the fermented fish has been outlawed, from school cafeterias to entire apartment buildings, and now that Europe is regulating the eating of high-mercury fish, these slimy Baltic herrings have been slapped with a warning. That's not the only thing that makes them dangerous; cans of surströmming start to visibly expand and can explode with the pressure of the fermentation. Because of this, several airlines have banned the herring. That's one dangerous fish. Still, some people like it and it's a Swedish cultural tradition -- watch and find out why!

Have you ever tried surströmming? Would you want to try it? What's the grossest food you've ever tried? What should Michael and Chris explore next?

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