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Super Mario 64 Walkthough Part 01- The Adventure Begins

490 views 4 years ago
Edit note (13/9/13) - Fixed up the video tags, Title and description on this video as it is the first in the series. I also fixed the titles and some of the worse descriptions in the rest of the series. Please note I only corrected some of the grammatical errors on the description, the text remains the same. Thanks for watching, and I hope you can enjoy watching this as much as I did making it, even four years later.

Hey guys welcome to super Mario 64 walkthrough. I'm tan, your walkthrough dude, and I'm going to bring you the ultra super Mario 64 awesomeness. So stay tuned for that. I don't know if this is going to be a 100% run yet, so I will tell you guys soon. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A SPEED RUN; THIS WILL BE SLOW AS HECK.

In this episode:
Star 1 and 2, and almost 3.
We defeat king Bob-omb and Koopa the quick, Olympic gold medalist.
See ya guys next time! Show less
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Super Mario 64 Walkthough Play

120 Power stars up for Grabs. Can we get them all?

I made this series mostly back in 2008, So the spelling,Grammer,Game knowledge and common sense might be lacking.Despite that, I'm going to leave these videos up, With the descriptions and Tag un changed. Remember, I was young, And made random tags to get more views. Please forgive that, But it will take too long to change. Cheers!

Made massive changes to the Videos today. Removed the ability to post comments, Except on part 31 as of right now.Added the final parts (51 & 52) to the playlist.

Changed the titles and video descriptions to much more grammatically correct levels. I tried to keep the content the same, but I had to change some pieces as it was impossible to read and understand.
+Fixed annotations on the first few parts.
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