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PaPePiPo! Help Me! powered by IOSYS (void & Yoshimi Youno) featuring takaisan and 1Nen25Gumi

6,562 views 1 year ago
PaPePiPo! Help Me! is the third single by the Round Earth Committee.

Buy it on iTunes at the following link:

Also, watch the official dance video (by Kaoru and Nyanchi as Mitsume Temo Season 3) at the following link:

Our official website: http://www.019.tv

Song credits:

title: PaPePiPo! Help Me!
by: the Round Earth Committee
powered by: IOSYS (void & Yoshimi Youno)
featuring: takaisan
featuring: 1Nen25Gumi (Shita, Yuki, Nyanko, Mirii, Moisyan)
art direction: TakisProietti Rocchi
produced by: takislab

Video Credits

dance by: Kaoru (Sakura & Kaoru) (also as Bibirba in Mitsume Temo Season 3)
3d models by: Nicola Russo
Animation and video editing: Takis Proietti Rocchi

Special thanks to Hakase (IOSYS), who has supported us for the longest song development he have ever had in his career!

Copyright by takislab - Takis Proietti Rocchi
All rights reserved.
Mitsume Temo and the Round Earth Commitee is a registered trademark by Takis Proietti Rocchi

If you have read till here, please go check our website at:
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