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Swiss Re

We're Smarter Together: Swiss Re's 150th Anniversary

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Swiss Re http://www.swissre.com/ celebrated its 150th anniversary http://150.swissre.com/ by fostering a global dialogue https://openminds.swissre.com/ in many places around the world. Experts, visionaries, families, people from every walk of life and across generations came together to discuss ideas and solutions for the world's biggest challenges such as food security, sustainable energy solutions, climate change and funding longer lives.

Filmmaker Viviane Blumenschein conducted close to two hundred interviews and collected over five hundred hours worth of footage as she followed the global dialogue from Switzerland to South Africa, from the United Kingdom to the United States and finally to China. This is her film. Follow the global dialogue, led by journalist Bill Emmott, and discover the voices, thoughts and ideas from people across the globe.

The universal challenges we all face can only be solved by working together, thinking together, and finding the solutions together. Open conversations with the diversity of the world will help us find the answers. We are smarter together.

Swiss Re website ► http://www.swissre.com/
Swiss Re 150 years micro-site ► http://150.swissre.com/
Open Minds blog ► https://openminds.swissre.com/

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sigma insurance reports offer in-depth analysis of economic trends and strategic issues in insurance, reinsurance and financial services, covering life and non-life business. More info on: http://www.swissre.com/sigma/

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