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Magic the Gathering Bant Control Deck Tech 6-8-13

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2x Aetherling

4x Sphinx's Revelation
4x Azorious Charm
3x Render Silent
2x Dissapate
2x Selesena Charm
2x Think Twice
1x Cyclonic Rift
1x Renounce the Guilds

4x Farseek
4x Supreme Verdict
2x Entreat the Angels

4x Jace, Architect of Thought

4x Hollowed Fountain
4x Glacial Fortress
4x Breeding Pool
4x Hinterland Harbor
4x Sunpetal Grove
4x Temple Garden
1x Alchemist's Refuge

4x Thragtusk
3x Restoration Angel
2x Angel of Serenity
3x Progenitor Mimic
3x Acidic Slime

Rd 1: 2-0
Not really anything much to say here, just outplayed them and hit turn 4 sweepers which pretty much kills this deck. Render Silent was also good late game to stop big turns from them and was MVP this match. Game 2 was more of the same except I got off a Jace ultimate for a wolfir avenger on an Aetherling.

Rd 2: 2-0
Reap intellect is such a good deck in a control shell. Guy was running 4 Plasm Captures and 3 reap intellects. Game 1 he hit Sphinx's, Azorious Charm, Think Twice, and Supreme Verdict and after siding into a more creature based deck he hit a Thragtusk, Resto, Progenitor mimic, and a Think Twice. I was able to win game 1 off of a hard cast Entreat for two and then a race with his aetherling vs mine and game 2 I miracled Entreat for 8 for game after he Reaped me for 6.

Rd 3: Bant hexproof 2-0
G1 he gets mana screwed while I build up my lands and eventually take the game with a miracled entreat for 2.
G2, he gets a better start but his Geist with a few enchantments gets hit with a renounce the guilds.

Rd 4: Prime Time Bant 2-1 L

Game 1 he plays a slow hand and I build up mana and I Renounce a Loxodon Smiter and then Render Silent a Thragtusk followed by me landing an aetherling with counters in hand was GG

Game 2 He sided in some counter magic which totally threw me for a loop and when I tried to miracle Entreat for 5 and he dissapted me, I kinda had my pants down and he made sure I knew it.

Game 3 It was a long game, we basically both played progenitor mimic on AOS and eventually he won by dissipating my last progenitor mimic for game. I mis tapped my mana and didn't leave the two UU for dissipate which sealed the game for me.

As for the thoughts I had on the deck, cyclonic rift did nothing for me all game, but I do see it's use in other matches, so for now it's staying. Renounce was good, but often times dead and I wonder if a third selesnya charm would be better in that spot.

Jace was amazing all night and drew me a ton of cards and got me closer to miracle on Entreat many times, easily MVP of the night.

I run 4x sphinxes because I feel it's really necessary and I like to fire one off early when I can against almost every matchup. Personal preference, but I feel it's needed.

I know I'm not making render silent sound super awesome, but late games, like turn 6+ it's insane. Especailly when they try to bait things out with mana dorks etc.. It stopped a lot all day and really was a game changer.

I really wanted to run 2x plasm capture, but after looking at my couter suite, I felt that Dissapate was better in case I was playing any Reanimator decks, but I'm going to take another look at that in the future. I made the swap to dissapate about 5 mins before the tournament started.

Point of the transformational Side deck is players side in more counters/ Caverns and I side out my counters to leave them vulnerable after side boarding. It worked and did well for me.

Hope yall's FNM's went well! Show less
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