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Jeremy Williams

HOW TO: Diablo 1 & 2 OST in Diablo 3

304 views 1 year ago
Think the Diablo 3 OST is complete garbage? Here's a pretty easy way to get all of your favorite tracks from previous games to play while you're killing everything. Remember to turn music completely off in Diablo 3, and to turn your Winamp volume to halfway.

1. Make a folder somewhere like My Documents for your batch file, D3 shortcut, and playlist file.

2. Create a playlist with D1 and D2 soundtracks (obtained from Blizzard or whatever)

3. Create batch file with notepad (Diablo 3.bat)

4. Copy the full location path under General tab in properties of both your Diablo 3 shortcut and your playlist

5. Paste them like so:

start {location}\Diablo.m3u
start {location}\D3.lnk


6. Create a shortcut of your batch file and place it on your desktop (change name to Diablo II or whatever and change icon to your choosing).

7. Click it and enjoy.

If you have spaces in your location path use quotation marks around the location path.
*You MUST use the General tab location then add the name of your shortcut/playlist after! You can't just copy the target, it won't work. Show less
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