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1080p HD Ad-free Let's Plays - Channel Trailer

37 views 2 weeks ago
Better Nate than lever!

Are you sick of let's plays with ugly letter-boxing and poor video quality? Do you cringe at bad play? Look no further for highly skilled gameplay in crisp, beautiful 1080p.

I am Stylianos (Stee-lee-ah-nos). It's a Greek name that means "pillar". Since that can be difficult to pronounce, I often go by the nickname Steel. I guess you could say I'm pretty metal.

I make let's plays and gaming-related content on YouTube because it is a fun hobby that allows me to let loose, whereas I am ordinarily pretty mild mannered in real life. I am an avid watcher of let's plays myself and I focus on crafting my channel into something that I would personally enjoy watching. I follow these 3 simple guidelines for running my channel:

1. No ads whatsoever. There's no temptation for me to get greedy, and you never have to watch ads to get to my videos.
2. 1080p always. I value the highest quality videos.
3. Organized, so it's easy to watch a series in order.

Videos release daily, usually at 8:30am EST. Show less
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