Students Today Leaders Forever (STLF)

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Students Today Leaders Forever (STLF)

STLF in 3 Minutes: Who we are. What we do. Why we do it.

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STLF stands for Students Today Leaders Forever. Our mission is to reveal leadership through service, relationships, and action.

REVEAL is especially important because we believe leadership already exists within every young person... our aim is to provide a meaningful experience that helps that leadership emerge.

The best way we reveal leadership is through community service road trips called PAY IT FORWARD Tours. Pay it Forward Tours are busloads of students traveling around the country, volunteering in the morning and engaging in reflection and leadership activities in the evening.

STLF started because four college freshmen had a simple idea to show youth's significant impact on the world. 43 college students went on the first ever Pay it Forward Tour in 2004... each year growing in size and impact. Recruiting friends to share the experience resulted in STLF expanding to new geographies.

Starting as a college program, STLF spread to the high school level in 2006 and then to the middle school level in 2008. To date, STLF programs have contributed hundreds of thousands of service hours to our country... and that's just the beginning.

Our world needs us. There are countless social issues in dire need for solutions. The one thing they share is they need civically aware, energetic young people to take these problems head on.

Our world needs CIVIC CAPACITY. Socially responsible, active citizens with leadership, responsibility, action, and thought centered on the common good.

STLF builds society's civic capacity for both the participant and the college leader. Participants walk away exposed to new backgrounds, ideas, people, and places. They stand taller with higher self confidence, and have a positive shared experience with peers.

All programs are led by teams of college volunteer leaders. For them, they get to practice leadership in a safe, challenging, and supportive environment, all while gaining transferrable leadership skills to take with them for the rest of their lives.

Undoubtedly, STLF's most significant impact is in the lives of each participant and leader because they LIVE differently... with desire to lead, commitment to serve, and energy to change the world.

Today, STLF is a growing movement of young people... and each of us can play a part.

We hope you do.

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