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Stephen Jackson

Welcome to my Channel

172 views 1 year ago
Here I am! To see my own work, click on the section marked "Steve's Films". This includes my poetry and occasional broadcasts or essays.

To enjoy gorgeous music in stunning, world-class performances, click on "Steve's Serious Playlist". To be inspired by extraordinary short films by other people, have a gander at "Cream of You Tube."

New subscribers to this Channel are ALWAYS welcome. Nothing's expected of you: you'll never be nagged or harassed or spammed in any way: naturally, there's not a penny to pay. You've nothing to lose. So, why not? Show less
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Cream of YouTube: Steve's favourite creative short films Play

There are so many fine videos that aren't on You Tube at all (think of Vimeo, for instance). But here are a few that are to hand, and that have inspired me or given me joy - not excerpts, not documentaries or cute kittens or hideous kiddies falling off their bikes, but creative videos in their own right.

The creative short film is just as much a specialism, a discipline and an art form as the short story. Just as Katherine Mansfield's "Bliss" is not "War and Peace" after a thousand Reader's Digest edits, so a short film is not "Gone with the Wind" on a bargain budget or on film stock that will run out after two minutes. Short film needs to be a way of making a beguiling or moving or trenchant point that could not be made so well, any other way.

Look, browse, have fun and learn - as I have done. I won't even try to single out favourites; but if you watch SEBASTIAN'S VOODOO, you'll see what I mean.
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