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  • What Type of Noisy Hawk is This?

    • 11 months ago
    I'm trying to identify the type of hawk making all this noise in our back yard (we live in CT). The hawk is not visible in this video since it's in our woods and I was primarily recording its call...
  • Hi, sorry, I only just now saw your question. YouTube added the links to the music. I also got a warning email from them and my last video post that I attempted to put music on they just plain banned it for copyright infringement, which really irritated me. Unfortunately, I have no good tips. I think it all depends on who owns the rights to the music you use and if they are willing to let it be used on videos.

    Dancin' Boy - Part Deux (He Moves Like Jagger)!

    • 2 years ago
    My hero returns!
  • Dog Antagonizes Cat...with her Butt

    • 1 year ago
    Sophie's favorite way to pester Alf...a face full of butt!

    *I originally put Monty Python's "Sit on my Face" music to this, but due to copyright issues, that version of this video was blocked. I ...
  • Haha! yeah, that would be awesome! Unfortunately, Tosh.0 doesn't air stuff with copyrighted music (like Scissor Sisters). Take away the music and it loses about half the funny. >.<

    Dancin' Boy

    • 3 years ago
    Busting a move at the bus stop

    To answer some commonly asked questions:
    1) he is listening to an ipod;
    2) I don't know what he's actually listening to, but Scissor Sisters makes everything ama...
  • Chinchilla and Rabbit


    First of all, thank you for all the wonderful comments. I never expected to get anywhere near this many views!

    Now, to those of you posting negative comments: No one was hurt...
  • Steve Jobs introducing Halo

    Pulled from the PC Accelerator Demo Disc 21 (May 2000). I found this treasure while searching through an old box of crap.

    This was Halo's debut, and PCXL is a defunct PC games magazine, probably...
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