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Michel Plourde

Sterope for vocals & drone by Michel Plourde

54 views 1 week ago
Part of my cycle "the Stars of the Constellations: Taurus". Sterope is the uppermost and faintest of the seven main stars of the Pleiades star cluster in the constellation of Taurus. The piece is set for three soloist and male choir, plus a drone which is made up of four tracks of a tuning pitch pipe and a chorus of violas and cellos. Recorded in Garage Band for Mac. The recording follows the score. I made up my own system of notation for the overtones sung. That may have to be re-notated in the future. Show less
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ElectroAcoustic Music by Michel Plourde Play

Original pieces of mine that, in some way are considered ElectroAcoustic pieces. Covers everything from Music Concrete to Ambient to keyboard improvisations. Mostly all by me on multi-track, with the occasional guest performer.

Instruments of the Orchestra - Listening Examples Play

A multi-part series of listening examples for the instruments of the orchestra. Fairly general information about each one, with pictures and diagrams. Made for my orchestration students and anyone else who wants to know. Made with Windows MovieMaker. Plus, some videos by others on the instruments of the orchestra I think are good.

the Stars of the Constellations - a cycle Play

An on-going cycle of pieces based on the stars in the various constellations. The pieces vary from solo to chamber to orchestral works and electro-acoustic pieces. Very few have recordings so far, and I imagine I'll be working on this cycle for the rest of my life.

The idea for the cycle began in the mid-late 90s when I was working on the piece "Schedar" for solo guitar. I already had a couple pieces with names based on stars and so I continued on with the idea, not realizing how many pieces would be necessary to finish the cycle.
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