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A Channeled Seance Message from Rose - Part 1 - Bob Hickman Psychic-Medium

1,784 views 5 years ago
As per many viewers requests, I am re-uploading the seance messages from my Spirit Guide, Rose. I have attempted to improve the sound quality and provide a more detailed transcript of her messages.

Please note: The image used is not actually that of my Spirit Guide, Rose, but was a gift provided by Lynn, one of the seance participants. I like this picture for it so closely resembles the actual appearance of my guide, Rose, that I wonder if Rose is related to Lynn's family!

Please enjoy the following video. If you are interested in booking me for either a private reading or seance, please feel free to contact me either here at my YouTube site, or at my website at www.robert-hickman.com.

Many blessings,

Bob Hickman
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