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Spencer Owen

Premier League Poem 2013/14

47,223 views 2 months ago
Here is my new 2013/14 Premier League Poem. Follow me at http://twitter.com/spencerowen. Subscribe to my videos at http://youtube.com/spencercba6. Last season's poem: https://youtube.com/watch?v...

Music supplied by YouTube Audio Library. No copyright infringement intended.

The 2013/14 season
Another campaign done
another convincing reason

To fall in love with football all over again
With twists and turns
and competition at both ends

We welcomed newboys Cardiff,
Hull and Palace
All seeking Premiership glory
And not a poisoned chalice

West London celebrated the return
of their prodigal son
Becoming hotly tipped favourites
Thanks to the special one

Arsenal had spent the summer
seeing transfer attempts spurned
But with the arrival of Ozil
Dreams of a title returned

And Fergie asked man u fans
to stand by their new man
but fans hopes went down the pan
When his masterplan was called Mouranne

A liver bird rose from the ashes
As Liverpool played with courage
They started well and rose to the top
Thanks to goals from daniel sturridge

Suarez reminded us what he could do
after his biting ban
and Alan Pardew proved himself too
as a street fighting man

Lloris nearly lost his head
And AVB was asked to leave
Sherwood came in and wasn't afraid
to wear his heart on his sleeve

Fulham struggled to pick up points
Which sounded the relegation klaxon
The truth is they couldn't recover
After the loss of Michael Jackson

Mourinho called Chelsea a little horse
Compared to other club's in the transfer market
But really they were more of a bus
Which they drove onto the pitch to park it

And what a season this man had
The incredible Yaya
We already thought he could do everything
But he added freekicks to his repertoire

And one scot faced his own bond villain
I'm not talking about Dr No
I mean of course Mr Vincent Tan
Who told Malkie to go

Sunderland deposed Di Canio the dictator
and Gus Poyet succeeded
The urugauayan had a tough job on his hands
the advert said 'Miracle Needed'

Southampton made a lot of noise
With four lions who loved to roar
Lambert became an international
And so did Rodriguez, Lallana and Shaw

Cardiff flopped
As Hazard skilled
And Joe hart was dropped
But Aguero thrilled
Barkley shone in the middle of the park
Loanee lukaku left his mark

Mata's arrival couldn't save Moyes
He'd been let down by Fergie's old boys
He struggled in the air
After an aerial attack
So Giggs took the helm after david got the sack

Swansea were taken over by a monk
Following the Laudrup sacking
And Villa caused controversy
As they sent two coaches packing

Big Sam was booed by his own fans
And it wasn't even after a loss
But in staying up he taught us what can happen
When a board stands by it's boss

Walcott made fun of Spurs
When he was stretchered off in the second half
But his injury hurt Arsenal a lot more
So their rivals had the last laugh

Ozil went from hero to zero
And became a scapegoat
Not even the signing of Kim could keep
the gunners' title dreams afloat

Rooney said to David Beckham
"Anything you can do, I can do the same"
But Shelvey had the last word though
"I can do it better Wayne"

In the end, Gerrard let it slip
A mistake that will haunt him for years
And we'll never forget Crystanbul
A night that left Suarez in tears

It was a season of musical chairs
Played at the top of the table
City finished on top, in the best seat
But are they financially stable?

UEFA will fine them, they'll be punished
But how bad will it really be?
I think most clubs will accept a slap on the wrist
In exchange for the premier league trophy

Next year we're set for a dutch invasion
With De Boer and Van Gaal on their way
But we have the small matter of a world cup first
Will England have the final say?

We can only hope our boys can do it
They've got youth on their side
Barkley & Shaw have made the cut
And Roy's sure they'll fill us with pride
So off to Brazil you go lads
Your mission? End 48 years of hurt
It's been a while, it's been far too long
So you better get to work Show less
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