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  • Wow!! Heart goes out to singles. I'm married and loving it!!!

    Relationships-Why Are There More Single Black Women in Church.wmv

    This is an audio clip from the SINGLES FORUM at November 2009's First Mondays event where we discuss the reasons for there being more black women in church than black men. Destiny's First Mondays ...
  • I'm very happy and married!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A friend who is Christian communicated she wanted to be married and was very sad. So i prayed for her in my prayer time. recently she told me and other women she was very content in the single state so i stop praying. I don't like it when women lie to make themselves feel better. She knows she still want a husband not fulfilled.

    Singles Talk About Singleness -- Full Circle Ladies - 1/2

    The Full Circle Ladies talk about the ins and outs of singleness. ; http://www.fullcircletv.com
  • Know that men have jezebel spirits as well dear.

    Single UnMarried Women: Don't Be No Jezabel!!!!!!!

    Just a rant on relationships and singlehood!
  • I understand some of what you saying, we don't need to require more of anyone than what you are willing to become yourself.

    Unmarried Black Women


    One sister who is really on point!
  • I'm very happy and married. I met my husband in the church. Do not limit your expectations of locating a man in the church, you got the grocery store, mall, etc. God is not limited to where he can do a hook up. Someone has to start a conversation, whether a man or a women. If he waiting and you waiting, come on. Does God have to do everything? Faith without works is dead. Some churches want women single cause they want the "work" done in the church, we are more passive and submissive than men.

  • I'm happily married. I used to be single heard it all. Some do want to keep women single then more work will get done, cause married women won't do all the work. "wait on the Lord, keep your legs close" is a religous line, people think it makes them sound deep, that's all. When no one has the answer they teach what they were always taught "error". Do you really believe God has a mark against black women? Not his will for millions of women to be single, its not his will.

    Is the Black Church Keeping Black Women Single?

    Who is April Mason? http://www.about.me/aprilmason

    ***This video is of my account, my life, my observation from a single woman and as a previous Pastor's wife.*** Is the black church helping or hi...
  • I thank God I'm happy and married to a Godly Christian man. No one could pay me to be single again. I did not like it. But God is very faithful. God bless you single women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I'm happy I'm not single anymore. Thank God for my Godly husband who has my back in my call. It's amazing how single people have the most to say about getting married.

    Does God get involved in our husband picking, or does he leave it to us? PART1

    Does God get involved in our husband picking, or does he leave it to us?... & other Single Christian Living questions SUBSCRIBER REQUESTED QUESTION

    RE: Waiting on the Lord for a husband

  • God bless you single women. I'm happily married. Could not pay me to be single again. Do some spiritual warfare! It's not God's will for only 30% of the women in your church or city to be married. There is a curse called Extended spencerhood over SOME who have never been married, it has to be broken! Never heard of it? You better research it or you may continue to "wait" until Jesus comes. When people do not have the answer they say "wait" get busy for God, etc. It may take more than that.

    God told me that's my Husband

    Unfortunately I know of way too many women who thought God told them a certain man was to be their husband only to watch in despair as he dated, then married someone else. So in this video I will ...
  • I'm happily married with children and God. I remember these teachings when single. People you better learn warfare! God has not called millions of women to be single and waiting! There is a CURSE over SOME who have never married called Extended spencerhood. You better break the curse and stop "waiting" so the demonic veil will fall. When we have been sold the "wait" line its because no one really knows the problem, it sounds "deep" and fitting. If they had the answers then more would be married.

    Christian Singles Get Busy, Get Focused and Get Content! You are already COMPLETE in Christ

    Christian Singles Get Busy, Get Focused and Get Content!!!! You are already COMPLETE in Christ Jesus!!!

    Here is the article I was referencing:

    Dating Christians who are content with b...
  • I'm married and happy. God has not called billions of people to wait! When we don;t have a answer for the reason people are not getting married we use the "waiting" line. There is a curse, Extended Spencerhood, it keeps people from finding their mates. Do warfare people, because we are destroyed for lack of knowledge. So many teachings yet little success at getting married cause no one wants to take authority.You take authority for jobs and money, fight in the spirit realm for your mate.

    Lord, Where is MY Husband?

    JOY OF CELIBACY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-n2wdfPhMDs
    be encouraged and don't get weary in well doing:
    1. Enjoy life as a single person
    2. Work on those things you want to bring to th...
  • I'm happily married to a Godly man who loves God and me. I feel for the single women now a days. Lol, have mercy!!!! We also need to consider spiritual warfare! Cause God ain't got millions of women and men waiting, that's not all God. There is a curse among certain women and men who have never been married. Extended Spencerhood, it's not God's will for everyone to be "waiting". When people don't have an answer they tell people to wait.

    Single Christian Women

    This is just some general encouragement to all the single Christian women in the world.
  • I'm happily married and pursuing my call in God. Wow I feel for the single people.....

    Pursue Your Calling Not Your Potential

    This clip is taken from the sermon "Jesus Calls Peter, James, & John," preached by Pastor Mark Driscoll at the Mars Hill Church Ballard campus in Seattle, Washington, on February 14, 2010. It is th...
  • I'm happily married to a wonderful man who loves me and God.

    Calling All Couples- Did God Tell You to Get Married?

    Pastor Anthony Murray of Oasis Family Life Church lays the foundation of the new series.
  • I'm happy and wonderfully married. i remember all the single teachings, etc and it rarely helped. But God is so faithful. He's so faithful.....

    Are You Ready For Marriage? How To Know

    How to know you're ready to get married and if your marriage will last.
  • I'm happily married to a wonderful Godly man, my heart goes out to single Christian women. I remember the single ministries and all the single teachings that rarely helped. I love marriage and I say let's pray God the harvest for Godly men.

    Let Your Husband Find You

    A short version of the proper process for finding a mate
  • I'm responding to the video itself, not sure how to post where it does not appear that i'm responding to the person below, etc. Anyway I'm married happily and so happy with God. I remember hearing all the single teachings, ministries, etc geared to the single women and my heart goes out to you women. Pray God the harvest of men, Godly men.

    Tips for Christian Single Women

    This video was developed to provide a few practical tips that Christian single women should apply to their lives during their season of singleness. This is not an exhaustive list, but these things...
  • Oh yes people that is true what he is saying do your research study deeper. Some men could not find there way out of a brown paper bag much less find you.

    Why and How Single Christian Women Should Start Pursuing Men!

    Lester Barrie's Video Blog "It Could Be Just Me"
    Lester Barrie Enterprises, Incorporated
  • My heart goes out to all the single Christian women. Im forty, married and wonderfully happy!!! Thank God!!! Lets pray God the harvest for Godly men who want to be married. Cause as long as men can get sex free from someone, those type of men are not trying to settle down.

    Conversations about Christian Singleness: Single Christian Women Be Encouraged

    In this video GodsgirlG provides some encouragement to the single ladies near age 40 and up.
  • Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dijon Prioleau-He Wants It All

    This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • Mali Music Rocks

    Go Mali Music

    All I Have To Give with Lyrics by Mali Music

    "All I Have To Give" by Mali Music Album: The Coming & The 2econd Coming
    I Absolutely Love This Song!
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